We offer high quality MTB bikes from Head Bike Sweden.

Our MTBs is suitable if you try mountain bike for the first time or have previous experience. We have two models and different sizes that suits both boys as girls. The mountain bikes can be biked on roads, gravel roads and forest trails.

You can easily adjust the seat height on our bikes. For the best experience we always help you to set up the bike before you go off biking.

If you like our bikes, we can help you to get a good price at Head Bikes Sweden.

X-Rubi II 27,5″

If you a beginner or experienced mountain biker this is the perfect bike.

  • Stable and easy to operate
  • Great in hills
  • 24 gears
  • Good attenuation
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X-RUBI I - 29‘‘

This bike is a little bigger and suits you if you are taller. It is very suitable for biking on gravel roads and highways.

  • Faster bike
  • Good comfort
  • 24 switches
  • Stable
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